Wine from Tuscany, Italy

Vigna I Botri Riserva 2008

Interesting wine from Chambers Street …. organic and blind tasted against a Rosso di Montalcino just being told they were from the same country .. dry, with medium racy acidity,… More »

Meeting Martin Kronenberg of Brancaia Wines

  “My wife’s parents fell in love with this vineyard nearly thirty years ago,” says Martin Kronenberg, the tall, broad shouldered winemaker at Brancaia wines, a  family owned winery which… More »

Importance of Labels at Tuscan Wine Fair

“Label, anyone?” One of the most interesting benefits of the Tuscan wine fair was the ability to see all the different labels. While many producers had traditional labels, the producer… More »

Buy Tuscan Wine Fair

“What a fabulous fair!” Imagine entering a fantastic space (an ancient train station, from what I understand) rebuilt with the latest technology, and filled with some of the best wine… More »

Exploring Plan dell’ Orino in Montalcino

  “They’re sacrificing their lives for grapes!” I remark  to a friend, after an amazing visit to Plan dell’ Orino in Montalcino, Italy with owners/winemakers Jan Hendrick Erback and Caroline… More »

Discovering Le Mortelle – Antinori’s New Tuscan Winery

  Just imagine excavating a space for a winery and finding rocks so large and fascinating you are compelled to change plans and create a “glass cellar” so that visitors… More »

Visiting Petra winery in Italy’s Maremma region

“This looks like the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco” I exclaim, coming upon the incredible structure that rises from out of nowhere in the Maremma wilderness. This state-of-the-Art… More »

Visiting Ca’ Marcanda in Tuscany

“My great-grandmother was famous for being a harsh negotiator,” Gaia Gaja tells me, telling a cute story about her great-grandmother and her marketplace shopping habits, which explains the name of… More »

Visiting Tenuta dell ‘Ornellaia

  Isn’t this art incredibly gorgeous? Who would have thought that it is located in a Tuscan winery, not a museum! It is part of a program created by Tenuta… More »

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