Wine from New Zealand

Villa Maria

Villa Maria of New Zealand comes to New York

Do you love New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc? If so, you will love New Zealand Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Noir, and the top end red blends …. Today so privileged to be… More »

Winemaker Lunch with Villa Maria’s Alastair Maling MW

Fabulous lunch with Villa Maria winemaker Alastair Maling MW at this very excellent West Village restaurant called Piora, where a variety of the winery’s different wines (from a variety of… More »

Te Awa Single Estate Wines of New Zealand

  I recently tried new signle estate wines from TeAwa from New Zealand, which just joined Cognanc One’s National portfolio. New Zealand is usually associated with Sauvignon Blanc, especially in… More »

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