Wine from DO Catalonia, Spain

Catalunya Experience

#CataluynaExperience: Post-Trip #IWINETC

Have you had a Catlunya Experience? So in my previous post you heard me talk about the exciting adventures within the #IWINETC convention itself … the @freixenet dinner, the fabulous… More »


Key Learning Points of #IWINETC BARCELONA 2016

It is my first visit to this region in several years and I was so excited to begin the journey with the international wine and tourism conference in Barcelona at… More »

Cartavi Awards 2013 Journalist Dinner & Afternoon Tasting at Cervantes Institute

  Fabulous to see the effervescent Nuria Ruiz today … it’s been nearly a year since we traveled in Catalonia together and I discovered that Catalonia is its own very… More »

Discovering the Wines and Cavas of Catalonia

“When you think of Cava, what comes to mind? Spain? Well, it’s not Spain, not exactly. This was brought home to me last week when I overheard two women speaking… More »

Visiting Scala Dei Cellars

“We are the oldest winery in Priorat,” says Ricard Rofes Salsench, the handsome youngish winemaker at Scala Dei Cellars. We are standing in a small cellar, located in possibly the… More »

Exploring Castell del Remei Winery

Castell del Remei dates its origins back to 1780, the first year for which there is documentary evidence of vines planted in the estate.  The wine was initially sold bulk… More »

Visiting Castell dÉncus in Costers del Segre

“So is the  gravity rock fermenter a marketing tool … or is it really used to make wine,” I ask Raul Bobet, once I’ve toured his gorgeous paradise of a… More »

Visiting Castillo Perelada in Catalonia

  So imagine staying at a first rate golf hotel … one so elegant they serve sparkling Cava and also red wine with breakfast, and discovering the family that owns… More »

Visiting Albert Costa Miralbell of Cellar Vall Llach

Just so you know, Mr Llach is a famous singer in Catalonia … and Albert Miralbell is a young, dedicated scion of a historic winemaking family in the Prioriat region.… More »

Visiting Recaredo Cava in Catalonia

“Welcome!” says Ton, explaining that his name is “short” for Anthony. As soon as you step foot on the winery, you can see the “Recaredo” name stamped on an ancient… More »

Visit to Cork Tree Forrest in Catalonia

Okay, so have you ever really thought about the cork in your bottle of wine? So here I am, wearing four inch heels on the top of a mountain where… More »

Visiting The Family Estate of Torello Cava

“Welcome!” says gregarious Francisco de la Rosa Torello, greeting me at the door of his luxury estate established in 1395. With the delicious fragrance of jasmine everywhere, it looks like… More »

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