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  Have you tried a wine from Uruguay recently? They are so fantastic! The big surprise for me was the elegance of the white wines. And as you will read… More »

Viticulture in Uruguay: A Case Study with Bodega Carrau

Viticulture is a key factor in quality grapes. Rules about irrigation differ all over the world. Moreover, the timing of water and heat through the growth cycle determines the quality… More »

Visiting Filgueira Winery in Uruguay

Filgueira winery … Alan and Sebastian show us around the winery and introduce their wine, which is now owned by a Brazilian company. The winemaker is a young woman who… More »

Visiting Gimenez Mendez in Uruguay

The family has had the winery since not 1940 — yet it was only in 1991 that Maria Mendez Parodi and her husband bought this winery. The wines as you… More »

Visiting Alto de la Ballena in Uruguay

Have you ever considered moving to what some people think is the ‘end of the world?” The landscape in this remote part of Uruguay is somewhat luner, yet it’s the… More »

Deicas Familia Vineyards in Uruguay

Fabulous visit today to Familia Deicas winery today, home of some of the best Bordeaux style wines in the world. President Fernando Deicas (his prized car above) and his son… More »

Visiting H. Stagmari in Uruguay

This winery started in 1991 by Mr. Stagmari and they grow many different varietals that have won numerous awards, especially for Tannat. From the start the focus was on quality,… More »

A Family Winery: Meeting Juan Marichal of Marichal wines

“My 82 year old granny lives here,” says dark haired Juan Andres Marichal, pointing to a simple, one  story house near the tiny family winery. “Many years ago she would… More »

Taste of Luxury: Bodega Garzon in Uruguay

  Have you ever dreamed of becoming a multi-millionaire? If so, would you use your money to buy a forest and plant a vineyard, and also plant olive trees to… More »

Exploring the Wines of Castillo Viejo

“Welcome!” says attractive dark haired Federico Domingo, Export Manager for Bodegas Castillo Viejo as we squeeze into his tiny car. He is here to escort us to the winery and… More »

Exploring the Wines of Dante Irurtia in Uruguay

“What exciting wines!” is my first reaction to meeting Marcelo Irurtia, who is in charge of vineyard management for his family’s 100 year old winery, and Maria Silvia Bianchi, who… More »

Visiting Bodegas Carrau in Uruguay

  … so the first thing you notice as you drive to Bodegas Carrau near Montevideo is the gorgeous grounds and the stunning classic “Spanish Style” Hacienda with flowers all… More »

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