Wines of Crete Come to NYC

You’ve heard about wines from Greece … now it is time to make room for Wines from Crete, a hot “new” wine region that is actually over 4,000 years old.… More »

Visiting Rideau Vineyards in Solvang #WBC2014

“Welcome,” says Iris Rideau, welcoming me into her gorgeous winery made from a house over 130 years old. Well dressed, self assured, and charismatic Iris had success in creating a… More »

Exploring La Peira en Damaisela in the Languedoc

  “You must be so lonely!” I say to Jeremie Depierre, the young vigneron of La Peira en Damaisela, technically located in the very hot and fashionable Terrasses du Larzac… More »

Visiting Chateau de Cazeneuve in Pic St. Loup

  “Welcome!” says Andre Leenhardt, welcoming me to his 17th century winery in Pic St. Loup. It has been a long 18 mile drive from Montpelier, an ancient city near… More »

Exploring the Rhone Valley #DVR2013

In the Southern Rhone … Does the concept of G-night sound rather suggestive? Here in Avignon during #DVR2013 “G” stands for Grenache, and tonight I am going to a party… More »

News from Mas Belles Eaux

Is it your dream to buy a winery in the Languedoc? Of course, for many it may be a money losing proposition yet I am excited about the possibility of… More »

Blending at Mas Belles Eaux

    Christian Seely just posted a video of blending at Mas Belles Eaux … you can see it here. I had been a guest at the property as a… More »

Discovering the Wine Properties of AXA Millesimes

  “A French insurance company owns a Chateau?” the woman’s voice says, incredulous. Yes, one can imagine that most people think that a top wine chateau in Bordeaux is owned… More »

Wine Australia: Classic Blends and Alternative Varieties

Winery owner Justine Henschke holds bottle next to WA Susan Barros Very interesting tasting of Australian wines Susan Barros organized today for the first Wine Australia Tasting of 2011 —… More »

Visiting Mas Belles Eaux

Visiting Mas Belles Eaux Though Tokaji was the official end to the AXA most generous trip, we had the option of going on to other AXA properties around the world.… More »

A Wine & Culinary adventure at Domaine du Clos d’Alari

  Nathalie showing excellent wine review in Vin magazine “Welcome!” says Nathalie Vancoillie, a very tanned, toned, attractive woman with sun-streaked hair and an athletic build as she escorts us… More »

Sud de France Top-Scoring Wines at Maison de la Region Languedoc-Roussillon

Arnaud Moynier   Recently, the intersection of 53rd and 5th has become a regular stop. Today the trade had the tchance to discover and taste over 70 wines that were… More »

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