Kay Brothers Vertical Tasting From 1991 Comes to NYC

What a great opportunity to taste Shiraz ranging from 1991 to 2012 yesterday at the fabulous @corkbuzz studio on 13th street! Colin Kay, winemaker and scion of the famous Kay… More »

Two Lands Marries Australian Terroir with California Winemaking

It’s the Australian way, isn’t it, to find a market and make a wine to fill a need. Last night I had a great conversation with Jacob’s Creek winemaker Bernard… More »

Stellenbosch Vineyard’s Wine & Food Pairing Dinner Comes to Vareli in NYC

“Welcome,” says Eduan, offering me a tall glass of something purple and sparkling! I is the Stellenbosch Vineyards Four Secrets Sparkling Shiraz, refreshing and delicious with a hint of oak. And this… More »

Barossa’s Chateau Tanunda in NYC

Great tasting last night aboard a very cool yacht! Chateau Tanunda winery proprietor John Geber greeted NYC journalists aboard his hundred foot yacht  at the helm to showcase his wines… More »

Meeting Hunter Smith of Frankland Estate

“Have you ever had three – no FIVE different rieslings in front of you, all from the same region and winery?” Most folks associate riesling with Germany, even though now… More »

Giovanni Bertani of Tenuta Santa Maria Visits NYC

So when is the last time you enjoyed a dessert wine from 1928? Especially one smuggled from the winery into the forest during the German occupation? Today was very honored… More »

G’Day USA: Dinner with Jacob’s Creek Chief Winemaker Bernard Hickin & Reknown Executive Chef Guy Rossi

“The consumer wants to know!” was the message from Jacob’s Creek Chef Winemaker Bernard Hickin and famed Australian Chef Guy Grossi last night, as familiar names and faces from the… More »

Tasting Henry’s Drive with Winemaker Renae Hirsch

Fabulous seeing Renae Hirsch again (photo from last year above) – she is the winemaker at Henry’s Drive (along with the other brands Pillar Box and Morse Code) in Australia. In previous… More »

Visiting La Motte Estate in South Africa

If you’ve been reading headlines in glossy food, wine, and travel magazines around the world, you’ve heard that South Africa is now the coolest wine tourism spot in the world.… More »

Adam Richardson & The Wines of CupCake Vineyards …

  “So this Prosecco actually tastes like a cupcake!” a lunch participant exclaims, tasting the Cupcake Prosecco from Italy. We are seated today at the exclusive Modern restaurant in Manhattan,… More »

Jacob’s Creek Reserve: A Move to Regional Wines

  Perhaps one of the greatest strengths of the new technology is the ability to host ‘tasting webinars’ for wine education. Recently Jacob’s Creek invited key participants to meet the… More »

Henry’s Drive: The Postman Rings Twice

Is it true the postman always rings twice? Have you .,,, er, gone postal lately?  Just what is it about the postal service that creates the potential for such drama?… More »

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