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Visit to Laimburg Research Center for Agriculture and Forestry #AltoAdige

The @MastersofWine trip to the Laimburg Research institute in Alto Adige kicked off the trip in a major way, mostly due to the excellent presentation made by Dr. Heike Platter… More »

“John Deere Tractors a Problem in Rioja”

I read this quote in the October 15, 2012 issue of Wine Spectator … in this article, Alvaro Palacios was profiled and blames John Deere tractors for some of the… More »

The UK Market: A Look at Free Run Wine

… so even though the Master of Wine programme is international, it still focuses very much on the UK trade. And Americans (especially Manhattanites) would be surprised to learn that… More »

Viticulture in Uruguay: A Case Study with Bodega Carrau

Viticulture is a key factor in quality grapes. Rules about irrigation differ all over the world. Moreover, the timing of water and heat through the growth cycle determines the quality… More »

Bordeaux Review For En Primeur

One of the benefits of being a Master of Wine student is an “introductory” trip to Bordeaux, where students have the opportunity to meet the winemakers and learn more about… More »

Sudpfalz Connexion

Volker Gies What a treat to visit 5 young winemakers on a recent trip to Germany, arranged by the Masters of Wine and Geisenheim university. Germany is one country that… More »

Te Awa Single Estate Wines of New Zealand

  I recently tried new signle estate wines from TeAwa from New Zealand, which just joined Cognanc One’s National portfolio. New Zealand is usually associated with Sauvignon Blanc, especially in… More »

Weingut Bassermann-Jordan

  During the trip we will be having dinner at this winery, an event called “‘Bistro Freundstück’ Bassermann-Jordan winery is a family dynasty which, together with others, established and greatly… More »

Weingut Ludi Neiss in Germany

  We may tentatively visit Ludi Neiss … and I will have more to say if we do. For now, the story is that Axel Neib is the fifth generation… More »

Visiting Markus Schneider Belvini in Ellerstadt, Germany

markus schneider belvini … so on the trip, our group will also be stopping at the winery of Weingut Markus Schneider. According to the web site (a rather creative and… More »

Visiting Philippe Kuhn in Pfalz

  I am SO EXCITED to be visiting Philipp Kuhn in Pfalz this week! It will be my first time to Pfalz,and Kuhn is one of the key producers of… More »

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